LED Lamp Bases Factory and Wholesaler

LED lamp bases are for acrylic plates to make 3D optical lamps, acrylic lamps, and LED acrylic signs. We have a series of LED light bases with high quality at reasonable wholesale prices. With well-made 3D lamp bases, you can make your own custom 3D lamp, personalized edge-lit LED acrylic lamp.

How to Choose the Right LED Lamp Base?

Firstly, please confirm the slot width of LED light base. It should match your acrylic plate thickness to make sure the acrylic plate fit inside the LED light base well. If you do not have suitable acrylic plate, we also offer suitable blank cast acrylic plate  (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm).

Secondly, please confirm the LED lamp base material. a plastic LED light base is injected and made by mold. The LED base size and slot size are fixed. Normally the plastic color can be black, white, cracked white, and imitation wood.

Finally, you can list the other function that you want like speaker, clock, timer, remote control, APP function, aroma oil warmer, solar panel powered, AA battery bin, rechargeable battery, human body induction, dual light colors, etc.

Enter words in search box to find suitable night lamp bases:

led light base color and material

The default LED lamp base color is black. White cracked LED base will light up and the unit price is higher than black and white LED bases. Because it needs extra process to add white cracked grains on the base’s transparent surface.

With extra water transfer process, we add wood grain on the plastic LED light bases. We do not keep stock and MOQ is 100~1000 pieces.

different color LED light bases

Plastic LED light bases are made of ABS plastic by injection molding machines. The shape and size are fixed once the mold is made.

Wood LED base are made of solid beech, oak, or bamboo. The shape and size can be custom made with CNC machines, polishers. Solid beech is the mostly used as it is hard enough and has uniform grains.

solid wood led lamp bases

Production Process of led light base

1. Plastic LED Base

We make the plastic cases and produce the LED board parts. Then our workers assemble them, test and pack them.

2. Wood LED Base

We make the wood base part according to your requirement. Drill the slot and hole for USB cable, then polish the wood surface, clean the surface. Our worker assemble LED strip and USB cable, test the wood light base and pack them finally.

OEM service

  • Silk print or engrave logo on the LED base
  • Custom length USB cable
  • Custom made manual with your logo
  • Custom made gift box for 3D LED base
  • Custom made light color and light mode
  • Custom made LED base color: white, black, white cracked

For wood LED bases:

  • Custom size and shape wood base
  • Custom size slot
  • Oil painted or without oil
  • Custom made light color and light mode
  • Custom made LED controller
  • Engrave or print logo on the LED base

packing and accessories


  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Manual
  • Remote Control


  • Pack white foam bag
  • Pack in transparent bubble bag
  • Pack in brown gift box, with white foam
  • Pack in color gift box, with white foam
  • Pack in mini white gift box

certifications for led lamp bases

We pay high attention to product quality. Our factory is BSCI certificated. Most of our LED lamp bases are CE certificated. Some has UKCA, C-tick, FCC, UL certications.

We also offer certification of origin file to help you arrange customs clearance and reduce/cut down customs duty (especially for Australia, South Korea).  For wood LED bases, we can arrange fumigation inspection.


Please leave product model number, estimated order quantity, shipping country to get a formal quote. Sample/trail order is welcome.