Worldwide Tariff Starting Point List

Worldwide Tariff Starting Point List

The customs of each country have different import tariff starting points for the imported goods. If the declared value is below this starting point, there is no customs duty for importers. Below is the worldwide tariffs starting point list.

Tips: This customs duty starting point chart is for your reference only. To get the real-time accurate customs duty starting points for each country, please visit the official customs website to check the details.

Worldwide Tariff Starting Point List

Country Tariffs Starting Point
United States ≥ 800USD
Canada ≥ 20CAD
Australia ≥ 1000AUD (743USD)
New Zealand ≥ 1000NZD (683USD)
Singapore ≥ 400SGD (293USD)
South Korea ≥ 130USD
Malaysia ≥ 100USD
Philippines ≥ 15USD
Japan ≥ 130USD
Thailand ≥ 1000THB (30USD)
Vietnam ≥ 45USD
Mongolia ≥ 50USD
Russia ≥ 10000RUB (123USD)
Indonesia ≥ 50USD
Mexico ≥ 50USD
Brazil ≥ 46USD
United Arab Emirates ≥ 260USD
United Kingdom ≥ 15GBP (19.5USD)
Switzerland ≥ 20CHF (21USD)
Latin America ≥ 50USD
Colombia ≥ 200USD
India ≥ 150USD
Cambodia ≥ 300USD
Mexico ≥ 50USD
China ≥ 1000RMB (156USD)
South Africa ≥ 0USD
Israel ≥ 75USD
EU Countries Tariffs Starting Point
Greece ≥ 22EUR
Netherlands ≥ 22EUR
Belgium ≥ 22EUR
France ≥ 22EUR
Spain ≥ 22EUR
Portugal ≥ 22EUR
Luxembourg ≥ 22EUR
Ireland ≥ 22EUR
Malta ≥ 22EUR
Cyprus ≥ 22EUR
Finland ≥ 22EUR
Bulgaria ≥ 22EUR
Hungary ≥ 22EUR
Lithuania ≥ 22EUR
Latvia ≥ 22EUR
Estonia ≥ 22EUR
Croatia ≥ 22EUR
Slovenia ≥ 22EUR
Italy ≥ 22EUR
Romania ≥ 22EUR
Czech Republic ≥ 22EUR
Slovakia ≥ 22EUR
Austria ≥ 22EUR
Denmark ≥ 22EUR
Sweden ≥ 22EUR
Poland ≥ 22EUR
Germany ≥ 22EUR

Is there any shipping way to avoid customs duty for the importers/buyers?

  1. If you choose DHL, FedEx, or UPS, there will be some customs duty for importers if the declared value is over the tariff starting point.
  2. If you choose express airmail, express line, ePacket, air shipping, or sea shipping, we (the shipper) will pay for the customs duty (VAT) and deal with customs clearance. You can contact us for more details.

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