Welcome to Visit Our Factory

Welcome to Visit Our Factory

We are professional 3D optical lamps and LED bases manufacturer and wholesaler. We are located in Shenzhen city of China. With more than 6 years of manufacturing experience, our products are trusted by buyers all over the world. 

Full Range of 3D Optical Lamps

We develop and launch new products every year. Now we have all the range of 3D lamps: basic white light 3D lamp, RGB lights 3D lamp, 16 RGB lights 3D lamp, remote control 3D lamp, crack base 3D lamp, clock 3D lamp, photo frame 3D lamp, table 3D lamp, LED acrylic sign, speaker 3D lamp, wall 3D lamp, mini LED acrylic keychain, etc.

 Full Range of LED Bases 

We have a full range of LED bases: round plastic LED base, wall LED base, speaker LED base, clock LED base, flat oval LED base, LED standoff kit, LED sign clamp, LED bar series, wood LED base series, etc.

 Over 10000 Designs & Custom Design Service

Now we have a professional designer team and launch new designs every week. We can design the custom-made 3D lamp according to your photos/logos and requirements.

 Advanced Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines

Our factory has high-speed laser cutting machines and over 20 laser engraving machines. It enables us to arrange small trails and mass production. Our experienced workers will check each plate carefully.

Stock for Well-engraved Acrylic Plates

We usually keep 10~100pcs well-engraved plates for each design. If you make small bulk orders or dropship orders, we can ship out within 1~2 working days. These stocks help us to ship out your orders rapidly.

factory production line photos
3d lamp showroom factory

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