Simple Ways to Make Custom Made 3D Lamps

Well-prepared Lamp Kit with Blank Acrylic Plates custom made 3d lamp

1. Custom Made 3D Lamp with Blank Part of Acrylic Plate

The simplest way to make a professional custom-made 3d lamp is to order our well-made 3D lamp kit. You can engrave your text/logo/words on the blank parts of the acrylic plate. You will have all the parts you need: gift box, sponge, user’s manual, USB cable, LED base, and acrylic plate. It saves time (no need to cut the acrylic plate or spend much time designing).

Take KS 3D-002 diamond ring 3D lamp, for example, you can engrave the portrait, and add a jewelry store name or lover’s name in the center of the ring.

simple ways to make custom design 3d lamp

2. Blank Acrylic Plate

We also offer blank cast acrylic plates for 3D illusion lamps: rectangle 14.5cm*20cm, round 14.5cm, square 14.5cm, rectangle 20cm*14.5cm, rectangle 18cm*25cm, and custom size blank cast acrylic plates.

4mm blank acrylic plate engraving material

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