Three Practical Functions of LED Photo Frame TDL-PP

Three Practical Functions of LED Photo Frame TDL-PP

LED Photo Frame TDL-PP comes with a black LED photo frame, blank acrylic plate, IR remote control, and USB Cable. Here are some practical usages for it.

Firstly, you can engrave or carve the blank plates with your custom designs, logo, and portraits. It is easy to install and take out the acrylic plate. There are 2pcs mini locks on the back of the photo frame. When it is powered, it lights up with colorful light. The last mode is breathing light mode.

Secondly, it can work as a LED billboard. Leave the acrylic blank (tear off the protective films firstly and connect to the USB power source), and mark it with a highlighter. It can be used in shops, restaurants, barbershops, etc. It should be the smallest LED billboard ever in the world.

Thirdly, you can also insert your photo under the acrylic plate (cut the photo into a suitable size). Leave the portrait part blank and engrave the other parts. 

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