Paper Cut Lamp LED Strip Solution

Paper cut lamp led strip solution

To make paper night lamps with custom light colors, we offer some led strip solutions.

Solution 1. Single light color with 1~3 pieces LED strips

If you want to show different light colors for different parts of the paper cut lamp, you need to prepare the LED strip and  USB cable first.

Cut the led strip into pieces of suitable length, then solder them together with a jumper wire. Then tear off tape film, paste led strip to the suitable place by turns. The USB cable can come with an ON-OFF switch or dimmer switch.

Example: PCB-10 USB LED strip, PCB-14 LED strip kit, PCB-15 dual white lights LED strip.

Solution 2. RGB light colors with 1~3 pieces LED strips

Because 2~3 pieces of LED strips use the same LED controller, the light colors are the same. You can set it to 7 or 16 kinds of light colors for the 3D paper cut lamp with an LED controller.

Example: PCB-30 RGB LED stripLED-02S LED Strip with remote, PCB-60, PCB-100, PCB-40, PCB-20S.

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