LED Strip Kit Solution for Wall Night Lamp

LED strip kit solution for DIY wall night lamp

Below personalized plywood/MDF wall night lamps look nice and are suitable for kids gifts. You can cut plywood/MDF sheet into custom size and shape with CO2 laser machine. Below is the LED strip kit solution.

1. Mini Portable LED Strip Kit Solution:

  • 2*AA battery bin or 2*AAA battery bin with 3V pure/warm white flexible LED strip
  • 3*AA battery bin or 3*AAA battery bin with 5V pure/warm white flexible LED strip
    Note: it is ok to make red, blue, and green light colors. Warm white and pure white light colors are suggested. 3V button battery bin is not suggested as the battery capacity is too small.

2. USB LED Strip Kit Solution:

DIY wall night lamp LED strip solution personalized engraving gift ideas

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