LED Light Solutions for 3D Printed Lamp

LED Light Solutions LED Base LED Board for 3D Printed Lamp

3D printed lamps have many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Below are some LED light solutions for 3D printed light.

  • 3D Printed Spherical Lamp: the Moon, the Earth, the Saturn

    The most popular 3D printed spherical lamp is the 3D moon lamp. Normally the LED board part is at the bottom of the 3D spherical lamp and the DC port is at the bottom (it also works as the touch button).

    The spherical lamp needs a mini wood base (so it can be placed on the table firmly and it is easy to touch the button). With this rechargeable LED board kit with wood support, you can make all of the round spherical 3D printed lights.

LED photo frame for lithophane-panel 3D printed
  • 3D Printed Lithophane Panel

    If you use a piece arc or flat lithophane panel, you put a piece LED candle, or USB bulb at the backside of the lithophane panel. The shortcoming of this kind of LED solution is that the lighting is not uniform. You can try an EL panel to light up (unit cost is higher) or a photo frame with a backside LED strip.

    If you use 5 pieces of flat lithophane panels to make a cubic box lamp, you need to print the frame first. USB LED bulb PCB-01, rechargeable LED board PCB-04, USB LED strip, and square light up base TDL-WP are all suitable for this project. Please make use sure the LED source is at the bottom of the lamp and all of the 5 sides can get uniform lighting.

  • Mini 3D Printed Keychain

    Some designers use mini LED keychain TDL-MC4 to make small 3D printed lamps. It looks lovely, but the battery can not last long because of the battery capacity.

  • 3D Printed Lampshade

    Normally 3D printed lampshade uses 5V, 12V, 24V, or 110~240V LED bulbs.

  • 3D Printed Light with Flat Bottom

    If the bottom of the 3D printed light is flat, round LED base is a good choice.

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