LED Bases for Acrylic Light Panel

LED Bases for Acrylic Light Panel

The most popular LED lamp bases are TDL-S2 and TDL-SS. Both these two lamp bases are standard round size with AA battery bin and 7 RGB lights. With CE, RoHS, and FCC certification, it has 1-year warranty. The quality is very good.

If you need a longer LED base to hold a bigger acrylic panel, you can choose TDL-L long clock LED base, TDL-WL TDL-W1 TDL-W2 oval wood LED base and TDL-WZ 50cm oval wood lamp base.

led base list

Rechargeable LED base: TDL-R, TDL-M1, TDL-BS, TDL-BS1, TDL-WC
Wall LED base: TDL-X, TDL-LC, TDL-LS2, TDL-LS4
Oval Wood LED base: TDL-WL, TDL-W12, TDL-WZ, TDL-W3
Rectangle wood LED Base: TDL-W1, TDL-W2, TDL-WS
Round wood LED base TDL-WM, TDL-W8, TDL-WR, TDL-WP, TDL-WB
LED base with speaker: TDL-BS, TDL-BS1, TDL-BS2
LED photo frame: TDL-TK, TDL-PP, TDL-F17
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