LED Bases for Acrylic Light Panel

LED Bases for Acrylic Light Panel

XSTRON is professional LED light base manufacturer and wholesaler. We produce many kinds of plastic and wood LED light bases, like clock LED base, wood LED light base, speaker LED light base, etc.

The most popular LED light bases are TDL-S2 and TDL-SS. Both these two LED light bases are standard round size with AA battery bin and 7 RGB lights. With CE, RoHS, and FCC certification, all LED light bases have a 1-year warranty. The quality is very good.

If you need a longer LED light base to hold a bigger acrylic panel, you can choose TDL-L long clock LED base, TDL-WL TDL-W1 TDL-W2 oval wood LED base, and TDL-WZ 50cm oval wood lamp base.

led light bases list:

Rechargeable LED light base: TDL-R, TDL-M1, TDL-BS, TDL-BS1, TDL-WC
Wall LED light base: TDL-X, TDL-LC, TDL-LS2, TDL-LS4
Oval wood LED base: TDL-WL, TDL-W12, TDL-WZ, TDL-W3
Rectangle wood LED base: TDL-W1, TDL-W2, TDL-WS
Round wood LED lamp base: TDL-WR1, TDL-WR2, TDL-W8, TDL-WR, TDL-WP, TDL-WB
LED base with speaker: TDL-BS, TDL-BS1, TDL-BS2
LED photo frame: TDL-TK, TDL-PP, TDL-F17, TDL-F23
Solar LED light base: SL01, SL02
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