How to Make LED Acrylic Keychain

How to Make LED Acrylic Keychain

To make an LED acrylic keychain, follow these steps:

1. Design the acrylic part:

The first step is to design your keychain with your desired shape and size. You can use design software like Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw to create your design.

2. Cut out the acrylic:

After your design is complete, it’s time to cut out the acrylic with CNC router or laser cutter. Make sure to adjust the settings of the laser cutter appropriately for the thickness of the acrylic. You can engrave or curve on the surface of acrylic plate. The engraved parts will light up after you install the LED part.

3. Sand and polish the edge:

Once the acrylic is cut, it’s time to sand and polish the edges. You can use sandpaper to smooth the edges and then polish them for a clean, finished look.

4. Add the LED light:

Now, it’s time to add the LED light. You will need a small LED light that fits within the design of your keychain.

  • LED keychain for 10mm thick acrylic plate: TDL-MC and TDL-MC1

Add light cure adhesive on the LED bud and attach to the acrylic plate, then place it under the UV light to cure glue for about one minute. Please point the UV light to the glue directly.

  • 4mm thick acrylic plate: TDL-Z, TDL-K, TDL-ZA, TDL-ZC

Install the acrylic plate on the LED keychain.

5. Attach the keychain ring:

The final step is to attach the keychain ring. You can use a small jump ring to attach the keychain ring to the acrylic.

Now, you have a custom-made LED acrylic keychain! This can be a fun DIY project or a unique gift idea.

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