How to Make Flag LED Light Slim Flag LED Bar

How to Make Flag LED Light Slim Flag LED Bar

XSTRON offers flag LED light kit with custom made light colors. It is ok to mix the light color: white,red, blue and green. The length of each light color LED strip can be custom made. If you have interest, please feel free to contact us.

Some Country Flag LED Strip Examples:

Ireland: green (1/3), white (1/3), orange (1/3)
Romania: blue (1/3), yellow (1/3), red (1/3)
France: blue (1/3), white (1/3), red (1/3)
Bulgaria: white (1/3), green (1/3), red (1/3)
Poland: white (1/2), red (1/2)
Netherlands: red (1/3), white (1/3), blue (1/3)
Spain: red (1/3), yellow (1/3), red (1/3)
Portugal: green (1/3), red (2/3)
Italy: green (1/3), white (1/3), red (1/3)
Austria: red (1/3), white (1/3), red (1/3)
Croatia: red (1/3), white (1/3), blue (1/3)
Greece: blue (1/5) white(1/5) blue(1/5) white(1/5) blue(1/5)

Video demo of country flag led strip:

Sample/trail order is welcome. We can make personalized custom-made USB LED strip kit according to your needs. Neon country flag LED bar is also available to order. Please contact us for the details.

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