How to Make Custom Size Wood LED Base for Acrylic Plate

how to make wood led base
We have many kinds of plastic and wood LED baes and they are of good quality. You can also make your own wood LED bases.

Custom wood base size and shape

We offer custom-made wood LED bases and the length can be 10cm~55cm. The slot dimension can be custom-made.


Custom light color and mode

Single light color: pure white, warm white, red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink

Dual white light color: pure white and warm white

RGB light: 7 kinds of RGB lights

11 static RGB lights with remote and smart app

Addressable full RGB lights with 366 kinds of light modes


Battery bin or Rechargeable Li-ion battery

It can be USB powered, with a battery bin, or with a built-in battery.

  • USB powered with USB cable
  • USB powered and AAA battery bin
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with USB cable

The wood LED base has two main parts: the wood part and the led strip part. Below is the simple guide to making plywood LED bases. The materials or tools you need. 

1. Wood Plate (3~5mm)

2. LED Strip Kit

3. Glue or screws

4. Laser Cut Machine

make custom size shape wood led base

If you have a CNC router, you can make the wood base parts(etch the slot for the acrylic plate and drill a hole for the USB cable). Then polish the wood bases and install the LED strips and USB cables.

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