How to Make Creative Shadow LED Night Lamp

How to Make Creative Shadow LED Night Lamp

If you have a laser engrave machine and are familar with laser engraving, it is easy to make shadow LED night lamp.

Here is the list of materials or tools you need.

  • Vector file to engrave (you can design your own in CorelDraw)
  • RGB LED strips kit (LED strips, IR remote, power adapters etc)
  • Reflective PC plates
  • Laser engrave machine
how to make shadow led night lamp


  1. Get PC plates, LED strips ready in hand.
  2. Design your vector file.
  3. Cut the PC plate into the size according to your design.
  4. Cut the back support part.
  5. Glue the LED strips under the PC plate.
  6. Install the lamp and test. It is done! 

Note: Above it is just a rough step and it is just for reference

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