How to Make a 3D Illusion Lamp

How to Make a 3D Illusion Lamp

Today, we have an exciting project at hand – making a 3D illusion lamp! This 3D 3d visualization lamp not only illuminates your room but also adds an element of charm and mystery with its 3D visual effect. So below are a few steps to how you can create your very own 3D illusion lamp!

Materials Required for 3D Illusion Lamp:

Step 1 – Make your Design:

The first step is making your design. The design is what creates the ‘illusion.’ Anything from abstract shapes to your favorite cartoon character can be chosen! You can design your pattern with software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, or buy some from the 3D illusion design store. XSTRON offers some free testing files for you. Please contact us to get them.

Step 2 – Engrave the Design:

Once you have chosen the design, the next step is to engrave the design onto the acrylic plate. A more accurate and standard way would be using a CNC router, circuit maker, or a CO2 laser machine. Normally circut makers only pass through 2mm or thinner thick acrylic sheets.

Step 3 – Sand The Edges:

Once you have transferred the design onto the acrylic plate, it’s time to smooth the edges. If you use a laser cutting machine or CNC router, you can make rounded corners (it does not need to sand the edges).

Step 4 – Prepare the LED base for the acrylic plate:

Please confirm the thickness of your acrylic plate. Then order the LED base from online stores or make your own DIY LED base. You can use an acrylic plate or wood material to make the LED base part, curve the slot, drill a hole for the cable, install the LED strip, and solder it to a USB cable.
Now, simply slide the acrylic plate into the slot of the LED base. Just turn it on and enjoy the magic of 3D night lamp in your favorite nook.

In Conclusion:

Creating a 3D optical lamp is a simple yet fulfilling DIY project. It may seem challenging, but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. It’s not just a piece of decor but an expression of your creativity and imagination. Cheers to more DIY adventures! Happy crafting!

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