How Does 3D Optical Illusion Lamp Work

how does 3d optical illusion lamp work

3D optical illusion lamp looks like a real 3D LED lamp. It can be in different patterns, like animals, portraits, objects, etc. The lamp part is an acrylic panel and one LED base. The shape is crafted on a 2-dimensional item and highlights lines that seem to shine when lit up to make a 3-dimensional figure. 

How does 3D optical lamp work?

The acrylic plate is made from a cast acrylic sheet that has incredible light-transmitting properties.

Firstly, the 3D pattern/photo needs to be transformed into 2D drawing vector files with outlines (or special bitmap files for laser engraving). Then laser machine completes the laser inner curve process. The engraved parts look white.

The LED base has a slot for the acrylic plate and there is a row of LEDs at the bottom of the LED base. The LEDs transmit the light to the whole engraved acrylic panel. If the LED base changes light colors, the acrylic part changes light colors at the same time.

3D illusion lamps are crafted to produce a 3D illusion with LED lights. A 2D image is etched with a laser onto the transparent acrylic sheet. When the acrylic sheet is lit up by hidden lights, the design appears 3D when viewed from further away.

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