FAQ of Cricut Maker Acrylic Engraving

FAQ of Cricut Maker Acrylic Engraving

1. Can Cricut Maker engrave acrylic?

– You can engrave acrylic perfectly with Cricut Maker. It is wonderful and interesting to design anything and have it engraved on an acrylic sheet. And it engraves pretty quickly. Acrylic products can be engraved on the front or the back. However, you can’t cut acrylic with the Cricut Maker.
Please note the Cricut Maker will not engrave on the glass sheet.


2. What items are needed for making custom design 3d lamps with Cricut makers?

1/16” Acrylic Sheets (blank cast acrylic plate that is thinner than 2.5mm)
3D LED Lamp Base
Cricut Maker
Acrylic cutting tool
Tape, Straight edge ruler


3. Does XSTRON offer a prepared lamp kit with blank plates for Cricut Maker? Can I order extra well-cut blank plates?

XSTRON has two models that are suitable for the Cricut maker project at the moment. It is ok to order extra blank 2mm acrylic plates.

TDL-CP lamp kit with 2mm thick blank cast acrylic plate.
TDL-C4P 3D lamp kit with 4 pieces 2mm thick blank cast acrylic plates.


4. Important Engraving Tips:

Acrylic scratches easily, so be careful cleaning or if you need to sand some rough edges, use finishing grit sandpaper (360-600 grit).
After finishing engraving acrylic, it is advised to get as much of the engraving particles off of the project by rolling up some masking tape and tapping up and down lightly to remove it.

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