Custom Made Black Acrylic LED Base

Custom Made Black Acrylic LED Base
We can produce custom-size and shape black acrylic LED bases. Below are two samples.
The left sample has a flat black base and a raised light slot. With round corners and a shiny surface, the black acrylic lamp base looks very nice. There are 4 mini rubber mats. These mats prevent the base slide on the table and avoid scratches when you move it around.
  • Advantages: It is light in weight and saves acrylic sheet material. The black deep light slot ensures the bottom of acrylic has the uniform lighting without any light spots.
  • Application: It is suitable for long and high acrylic sheets.
Custom Made Black Acrylic LED Base
The right sample has a neat sandwich design. We used a piece of thick acrylic sheet, curved the light slot, drilled the hole for the USB cable, and made round corners.
It is ok to use thick acrylic sheets and then stick them together. The shape can be oval, rectangle, round, heart, or any other custom shape. The most economical shape is the rectangle design.
  • Advantages: You can add a transparent acrylic layer to make an edge-lit acrylic layer. The slot is stronger.

Light Solutions of Black Acrylic LED Base:

  1. 5V LED strip is the most common solution. The light color can be single or RGB lights. There are also many different kinds of LED controllers with remotes. We also have music mode LED strips with APP.
  2. 12V LED strip is suitable for long custom-made acrylic base (longer than 80cm~100cm).
  3. Addressable LED strip with remote control.

If you want to make your own custom-size and custom-made black acrylic LED bases, please feel free to contact us.

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