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4mm slot 3D lamp bases are designed for 4mm thick acrylic plates or crystal plates. 4mm slot LED base is ideal to make 3D optical lamps, LED acrylic signs, and LED lamps.

LED BaseBase ColorLight ColorSlot SizeBattery BinRemote
TDL-CBlack, white7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmYes-Popular
TDL-S3Black16 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmYesYesPopular
TDL-SSCrack white16 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmYesYesPopular
TDL-S2Black, white16 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmYesYesPopular
TDL-RBlack, white16 kinds of RGB lights4mm*80mmRechargeableYesRechargeable
TDL-OWhite7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mm-YesFlat design
TDL-CABlackMillions of RGB lights4mm*70mmYes-APP
TDL-BS1Black, white7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmRechargeable-Bluetooth Speaker
TDL-RBBlack16 kinds of RGB lights4mm*80mmYesYesBig round base
TDL-DBlack7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mmYesYesClock, timmer
TDL-LBlack7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*160mmYesYesClock, timmer
TDL-CWBlack, whitePure white4mm*70mmYes-Pure white light
TDL-CCBlack7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mm--Flat design
TDL-WRWood7 kinds of RGB lights4mm, 6.5cmYesYesRemote, touch button
TDL-WAWood7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*70mm-OptionalVarnished surface
TDL-WC-BWood7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*120mmYes-Touch Button
TDL-WCWood7 kinds of RGB lights4mm*120mm--Touch Button,rechargeable