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3mm Slot LED Base

3mm slot LED bases are designed for 3mm or 1/8” thick acrylic plates or crystal plates. 3mm slot lamp base is ideal to make 3D optical lamps, LED acrylic signs, and LED lamps.

Model No.Base ColorLight ColorSlot SizeBattery BinRemote
TDL-XBlack, white7 kinds of RGB lights3mm*44mmAC 110~230V-Light sensitive
TDL-C3Black7 kinds of RGB lights3mm*70mm--Flat design
TDL-GBlack7 kinds of RGB lights3mm*296.5mm--Hang up or
put on the table
TDL-GSBlack7 kinds of RGB lights3mm*296.5mm-YesHang up or
put on the table
TDL-PBlack7 kinds of RGB lights3mm*164mmYesYesHang up or
put on the table